So which comes first, the cart or the horse? When it comes to angler sponsorships, many people get confused on which is which. I have actually heard people say, “If I could get a sponsor, I could be a pro.” It does not work that way.

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If I hear one more tournament angler say that they had a poor performance because they “swung for the fences,” I am going to puke. That is the most over used cop-out in all of bass fishing. That is not what happened.

Stop it.

It sounds manly. It sounds like something a strong person does. It is really heroic to swing for the fences.

Stop it.

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You know how people say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? It is true. If there is another place you can go, it always seems like that place is better because you can’t see the faults of a situation you are not in. You know the drawbacks of what you are doing. Since you don’t know faults about something else, it must be better.

Not so fast.

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