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Props to JM and Crew for putting out a really good show this week on the Bassmaster's. Not sure that I agree with Jerry that it was one of the Top 5 ever, as I'm still partial to the show where the goob has his bait hung up on the cypress tree and a 6 pounder swims off with it, but it was a good show. I think what made it a good show for me was the fact that they showed fishing, not the inside of the studio. Maybe that's the way that all the shows have been recently, as I haven't watched a show since, oh, well... it's been a while.

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One Marshal's Wild Ride - Photo Courtesy BASSSo I've been looking at the vid footage from the last Elite Soirée on the 'Bama River and I'm just not real sure what to think about jumping boulders in fiberglass bass boats. I have no doubt that the 'glass repair guys are rubbing their hands together in anticipatory glee of all potential work, but is it a good idea to take a bass boat to places heretofore the domain of jet driven tin rigs?



Just plain ignorant?

Hey, if there are green fish up there, it's a go?

You make the call.

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In case you were working on Tuesday and missed this little gem, seems that someone in the bowels of BASS thought it would be a great idea for all the world, literally ALL the world, to see where the Classic competitors were located while competing. Some words on that here:

Not only would fans be able to see the location, but the competitors would be able to see where the other competitors were competing. Can you say "turd in a punch bowl"?

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The whole sponsorship/ endorsement/ promo/ pro-staff/ patch pirate thing is one of the most misunderstood business ventures I've ever been a part of. There are just so many misconceptions it's sheer madness. Madness, I tell you! Sheer, unadulterated Looney Tunes! Here are a few examples:

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Just another case of Big Brother telling us what we will or won't do or a government agency looking after it's assets in a responsible manner; you make the call. Here's what's up.

On the surface, it would appear that the USACE is trying to limit the number of times the gates swing at these two locks on the Arkansas River. As a resident of central Arkansas, I've boated through both of these locks numerous times. Watched as they built the things back in the 70's. I see how much traffic goes through the locks - at times. I have no doubt these locks can be a maintenance nightmare. Think about what a lock is - it's a box in the water with an iron door on each end. You think there's not some maintenance issues there? No doubt.

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