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For some reason, I’ve always received questions about the color of the wrap on the BassCat Mercury rig over the past six years. Just can’t imagine why. Some people seem to have their own theory on why I chose the color pink instead of red or blue or orange or green or some color that everyone else is doing. Duh. Here are a few of the theories followed by the real story.

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Well it appears (allegedly) that in addition to getting my butt kicked this winter on the Alabama Rig, aka Poodle Rig, umbrella rig, pied piper bass snagger, et al, some of the people doing the pounding on my pink behindness have (allegedly) been strolling the poodle to perpetrate said whipping. What is strollling you might ask? Trolling. Nothing more, nothing less than trolling.

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Looks like we won’t be using the “new” Alabama/ umbrella/ poodle rig in the Elite Series anytime soon. 


If you just want to catch fish and have fun, by all means, get you a Poodle Rig and go to the water. Please. Go now. Go often. Have fun. No how, no way should you let a decision made to regulate 100 guys stop you from chunkin’ the poodle until your arms turn to grape jelly. Holy crap. Scroll down and read some of the comments on the B.A.S.S. story and you would think we had banned the thing from ever being built, shipped, or sold. Not by a long shot, compadre. It only affects the Elite Series and the Classic.

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There has always been a sense of entitlement at the top of most, if not all, sports. We see it frequently with some of the top athletes as they screw up and get into trouble with women (or men), drugs, gambling, money, or whatever vice to which they fall victim. They’re human. Humans screw up and do stupid things, especially when we feel like we’re ten foot tall and bulletproof. Big Time Bassin’ Pros are no different. We just don’t have a swarm of investigative reporters crawling up our butts 24/7 to expose our sordid deeds. That and we probably don’t perform as many sordid deeds to begin with. Still there exists that sense of entitlement. That mentality that “I’m an Elite angler”.
 Yawn. Yeah, whatever.

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I’m just not sure what to make of this Alabama Rig thing. Fad? Fabulous? I can’t make up my mind. From behind, it looks like you’re chunkin’ a poodle out there when you throw the thing. I’m serious! Watch someone – in person, from a safe distance behind them – chunkin’ the dang thing, it’s crazy. It looks like a poodle flying through the air; little legs flapping all over the place… Hey, not that I would ever advocate throwing a dog. That would be less than humane. Although there have been several Yappin’ Little S#@t Dogs (YLSD’s) in the campgrounds that I wanted to punt, but that’s a different story.

I would never promote nor condone REAL LIVE poodle chunkin’.



Mostly not.

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