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Pete RobbinsDespite a background as an Ivy League trained attorney, Pete Robbins has found his true calling in writing about professional bass fishing. In developing this second career, he has been published in just about all of the sport's major publications, from mags like Bassmaster and FLW to websites including BassZone, BassFan and Wired2Fish. His intent isn't always to provoke a reaction, but with no corporate ties or fear of losing a staff position, this freelancer doesn't hesitate to provide strong opinions. Stepping on a few toes and hurting some feelings, while never pleasant, is part of bringing YOU, the reader, the stories you crave and deserve.

When not raising hackles, chasing bass or pestering pro anglers, Pete resides in Vienna, Virginia with his wife Hanna and their two dogs. He is working diligently to establish a garage full of tackle and has a particular weakness for Japanese lures.

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